Insurance Features


This allows brokers to maintain individual client and sales records. It captures details such as the insurer, policy details, claims, queries etc. Effective management of this data can lead to better quality customer service and also repeat sales.

Policy Management

This module allows users to create policies, specifying details such as policy design, deductibles, benefits, pricing and coverage details.

Claims Management

This module helps reduce cost by automating some of the routine tasks associated with claim management. It allows you to easily create new claims, submit to the insurer and return to client. The user friendly interface makes it easy to track which claims are under review, overdue or have been settled.

Enrolment Management

This module allows brokers to create, edit & terminate enrolments, extend specific coverage and manage dependents. The insurer and client both get automatic notifications when changes are saved.

Query Management

Our platform categorizes the different types of queries that usually arise such as missing documents, incorrect spelling, omitted signature etc. This allows for a more efficient resolution of queries as the system clearly shows the nature of each query.

Message Board

XHUMA comes with its own messaging platform where brokers can message clients, insurers or any other party. The information is stored under different categories such as insurer, client, internal etc. which makes retrieving data much easier.

Data Analytics

XHUMA provides real time dashboard reports and visualization tools to customize analysis and deliver greater insights. Brokers can review reports such as the number of claims received/ processed, types of claims, total claims expense, time taken to process claims or any other customizable report.

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