Clinic Management Features

Appointments and Task Management

Appointments can be booked online by patients or directly by the Administrative staff. All appointments are immediately updated into agreed user calendars to avoid double booking. Appointments can be easily assigned or reassigned to different practitioners within the Clinic.

Upon making a new appointment, an email confirmation will include a pre-appointment form.
- Pre-appointment forms can be used to collect valuable patient data.

Create faster appointment turnaround times with pre-appointment patient data.

Integrated Clinic Website
  1. Customizable clinic website seamlessly linked to CM Premium practice management software.
  2. Request and book healthcare appointments online.
  3. Showcase your medical team and your clinic services.
  4. Advise patients of your opening and closing hours.
  5. Promote your clinic branding and image.

Communicate efficiently with your patients and team using XHUMA's InfoStream, email inbox, instant and group messaging

Online Billing and Payments

XHUMA includes online billing and revenue tracking modules which enable the issuing of electronic payment documentation such as invoices, quotations, and receipts.

Bulk Data Entry
  • Easily transfer records into the system including
  • Historical patient records
  • Provider profile information
  • Medication
  • Procedure Codes
Reminders & Recalls
  • Set and Manage Pre-reminders
  • Set and Post-reminders
  • Manage Custom reminders
  • Manage Follow-up and confirmation
  • Usage Analytics
  • Patient uptake reports
  • Clinic and Services reports
  • Practioner productivity analytics
  • Two factor authentication
  • Role and Permissions Management
  • Account Recovery/Management
  • Social Media Login
  • Device and Activity Logs
  • Cookies/Session Management
  • Data Encryption
Dental Charting
  • Graphics–enabled easy to use, advanced Dental Charting tool
  • Restorations
  • Periodontal
  • Endodontic
  • Patients Overview
  • Rollback Functionalit

  • Fillings, Crowns, Bridges, Implant
  • Remote Video Consultations
Managers can audit changes made to patient data by authorized staff. View log details including Log number, User, Date and time , Actions, module and description of the action. 

Create custom appointment times outside of regular clinic hours.
- Alerts when creating an appointment outside of regular hours. 
- Create Non- standardized appointment times for special patient cases. Eg: 7:15am or 2:40pm

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