XHUMA presents an opportunity to significantly improve the participation, productivity and information access for the membership association, its members, as well as the other relevant stakeholders of the eco-system.

The benefits of XHUMA speak directly to the key challenges which have been observed across a number of Professional Membership Boards, Councils and Associations in areas including managing operations, driving participation, capturing data insights and servicing membership. See below how XHUMA can respond to the most universal concerns reported:

Enhanced Registration Processes

XHUMA facilitates member registration on-line, as well as on-line collaboration for internal registration review committees.

Many Professional Councils, Boards and Associations cited cumbersome processes in managing new registrations, and in servicing queries related to registration status.

XHUMA gives membership associations the ability for new members to register on-line and seamlessly upload any required documents. With participants increasingly becoming more tech savvy, having an online registration component for member information management and community notifications is increasingly important.

Further, evaluation personnel can collaborate, assess applications, confirm, suspend, add judgements or delete accounts entirely on line.

“Easy up” professional organisational website

XHUMA makes doing websites easy!

Along with your subscription to the XHUMA platform, we can easily integrate a professionally-built, XHUMA-powered website as a value-added benefit. This site can be managed through your XHUMA profile which brings technical know-how required to update and manage your site almost to zero.

Convenient Fee Payment Arrangements

XHUMA includes an on-line payment tracking module which eases the burden for members – particularly those living abroad!.

XHUMA also includes an online payment tracking module which enables registrants to electronically notify the Board of payments that have been issued, supply all supporting documentation and receive an electronic receipt once the payment has been verified.

No Requirement for Additional IT Department or IT Budget

XHUMA requires no additional IT personnel, servers or unplanned IT costs.

The XHUMA platform is an on-line (cloud-based) software as a service (SaaS) model. This means that there is no requirement for IT infrastructure or personnel at the client site. Subscription to the platform covers hosting, security upgrades, support for your user-base, and is paid for through one low yearly fee.

With regard to security, only persons/businesses which a membership association validates as members are invited to create a unique username and password to access the platform. Additionally, the XHUMA technology platform is backed by best-in-class data center and computer infrastructure, providing a redundant cloud setting supported by highly-skilled technology professionals.

All XHUMA products provide our customers with a high degree of reliability, protection and scalability. There are no hidden costs or surprises. The first year’s subscription also includes training so that your team can get up-to-date quickly. Additionally, the XHUMA team provides responsive and on-going user support should any ad hoc issue arise. XHUMA is a one stop solution available now!

Reduced Administrative Costs

XHUMA eliminates the need for a number of traditional administrative functions while improving your organisations flexibility and response times.

The cost of physical space to maintain multiple years of hard-copy records, the cost to maintain increasing numbers of secretarial staff, as well as the cost of physically calling or mailing information to members and stakeholders, is both time consuming and prohibitively expensive.

XHUMA is a professionally built Software as a Service (SaaS) platform in which members and stakeholders access the system via the internet or mobile device. Council / Board / Association updates are pushed automatically to members. As such everyone within the network can exchange information, access real-time updates and respond to requests.

Also, all data is held in the cloud; this means no office space is needed for storage equipment or file cabinets. Any hard-copy reports, certificates or receipts required can be easily printed on an as-needed basis by the relevant stakeholder.

New ways to deliver value – on-line

XHUMA is a single online platform which seamlessly integrates a range of functionality, thereby enhancing linkages and promoting capability discovery and opportunity matching.

It can connect businesses, professionals and membership organisations with other players in their industry, thus positioning clients to create and deliver ever-increasing growth and value opportunities to their members / stakeholders.

XHUMA enables members of Professional Boards / Councils / Associations to easily receive and submit documents such as RFPs, RFQs, employment notices, tenders etc. It also facilitates the promotion, coordination and management of events (such as seminars, trainings, meetings, etc). Users can put in the event details, attach a flyer and post the event to individuals, groups, or the entire network as desired. Recipients can make comments or ask for additional information. The platform also offers the generation of confirmed lists of participants for use in event planning as well as on-the-day event management.

Enhance Member Engagement

XHUMA comes with a number of community-building tools aimed to increase participation and involvement of existing members.

Ensuring that the right information, opportunities and event notifications are reaching as much of the community as possible, was considered difficult with many organizations’ previous member management or reporting systems. Many organizations were unable to keep participants informed about upcoming activities, professional development opportunities and changes to fees or licence structures, because they didn’t have the staff to devote the time or their previous system didn’t allow for bulk communications.

With XHUMA, they are now able to improve community outreach through XHUMA’s array of embedded social media tools and methods. Additionally, XHUMA can send bulk emails or texts to an identified category of users. Communication that used to be either impossible or extremely time-consuming can now be accomplished in minutes. Xhuma even allows the creation of custom groups to deliver specific content and opportunities to groups of selected individuals on an on-going basis.

Satisfy Compliance Requirements

XHUMA enables data assurance and enhanced compliance monitoring, making it easier for organisations to ensure that they are abiding in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

In many jurisdictions keeping accurate current and historical member records is a legal requirement. Compliance with these regulations can be compromised when the document / data management solution employed is manual or home grown (e.g. Excel or MS Access – based systems). The XHUMA platform and professional cloud infrastructure allows you to safely and easily capture, and flexibly access, multiple years of member data.

Additionally, XHUMA helps Healthcare Licencing Boards / Councils to improve the real-time accuracy of records on the compliance status of their members, which in-turn helps such organisations provide that information as needed to interested stakeholders, including the public, insurance companies, private hospitals and the Government. Organisations can now more easily verify certifications, continuous development credits, and ensure that member accounts are current and up-to-date.

Analytics and Data insights

XHUMA comes with a number of filter and reporting tools as well as dashboard analytics which visually represent your real-time data.

The inability or difficulty to access current and past payment and membership data to understand trends, to make data-driven decisions and to be proactive in the management of issues is a challenge for many of the Professional Membership Organisations. Boards / Councils / Associations craved richer insight around registrant data, member feedback and overall member and stakeholder utilization of services offered and resources allocated.

XHUMA provides access to numerous dashboard reports including revenue by specialisation or fee type, active and inactive members, unverified payments, member location, employment status and judgements, among a host of others. Members are also availed real-time reporting and search tools for customised queries and data exports – all to deliver greater data insights, improve revenue management, increase participation rates and achieve better overall stakeholder satisfaction.

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