Licensing Councils

The online business networking platform – Xhuma HealthcareTM helps Healthcare Licensing Boards and Councils to increase the value delivered to their registered members by providing innovative interactive applications for the Board, its administrative staff, and all members, available on one centralized platform.


The out-of-the box functionality of the platform includes:

  • a real time, interactive public listing of bona-fide licenced professionals (as is required by law in many jurisdictions)
  • fee payment tracking
  • flexible search and reporting
  • data analysis and insights
  • member de-activation and re-activation
  • management of judgements levied against professionals
  • certification / qualification and continuous professional development (CPD) management

Additionally, XHUMA assists with many of the operational issues that Healthcare Boards and Councils have expressed, including:

  • Difficulties and delays in accessing or generating member data
  • Long delays in servicing routine general inquiries
  • Staff spending much of their time looking for information rather than servicing the clients and / or the public
  • Cumbersome process of managing registrations and payments
  • Lack of an on-line experience and familiar social media-type tools for exchanging information, promoting engagement and greater member participation
  • Inability to keep members / professionals informed about upcoming activities, professional development opportunities and changes to fees or licence structures
  • Difficulty for members in verifying and keeping their own information valid and up-to-date
  • The inability or difficulty to access current and past payment and membership data, in order to understand trends and be proactive in the management of issues
  • Absence of efficient / effective channels for members to give feedback as to new services desired, or ways that they as community members may have the capacity to facilitate Board or Council efforts
  • Difficulty for Boards in ensuring that the right information, opportunities and event notifications reach the right targeted groups and sub-groups within the community

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