Professional Associations

XHUMA Healthcare helps Professional and Business Associations to further increase the value that they deliver to their membership by providing innovative interactive applications available on one centralized platform...


Membership in profession-related associations has always been a great way to network, share opportunities and establish valuable business and professional relationships.

Almost instantly your member base can be conveniently available to everyone who’s linked in, 24/7, at any place, through any internet connected device. They can use the platform to keep up-to-date on latest developments related to the group, to share opportunities as well as publish and manage events.

Xhuma Healthcare makes it easier for organisations to strengthen partnerships and forge new alliances among members.

Further, depending on whether you allow, Xhuma Healthcare has the potential to afford users access to streams of business opportunity from entities in the extended Xhuma network. These include Regional Health Authorities, Hospitals and even Government ministries.

Xhuma Healthcare integrates a series of helpful on-line tools onto one platform – enabling you to leverage the power of online communities. Put your entire member network on Xhuma Healthcare. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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