Membership Organisation Portal

The Membership Organisation (MO) or Institutional Portal is the portal geared toward serving specifically the Board / Council members and administrative staff of the client organisation. The Client is provided with multiple administrator accounts each with its own access rights and privileges. The MO Portal allows for the:

Administration of the on-line interactive registration listing
The Administration of the public facing website through an integrated CMS
The ability to manage all membership data, to activate and deactivate members, set judgements, perform search filters and generate reports.
If the off platform alerts feature is enabled, the portal will allow administrative staff or Board Members to send bulk or group emails to their entire membership base, or subsets of members, as they desire.

Because the MO Portal only feature does not allow anyone but the Board / Staff to log into the platform, members and other stakeholders cannot create accounts, and therefore cannot interactively submit information to the Board, (example registration and payment information). Such information will continue to have to be entered directly by the Board / Council secretariat.