What is XHUMA HealthCare

XHUMA Healthcare is a cloud-based suite of integrated productivity, business and social media tools all on one user-friendly platform, specifically designed and customised for the healthcare space. Deploying the platform for institutions does not require any additional IT staff or server equipment. Once deployed, the system can be accessed securely by all members of the organisation through any internet connected device.



The platform supports information sharing, fee management, event management and opportunity exchanges across the entire member-base and the enablement of data insights across all institutional and member accounts.

XHUMA eliminates the cumbersome process of having to voice call, send traditional snail-mail or conventional e-mail in order to communicate interactively with your professional community. XHUMA Healthcare assists professional organisations with the following:

  • Eases the staffing burden required to manage large databases or member listings
  • Organises information in dashboards for simple executive review and decision-making
  • Modifies its interface for different publics to preserve the privacy of stakeholders
  • Facilitates efficient online interaction with registered members and the creation of a professional community
  • Efficiently tracks payment information and helps deliver strategies to increase organisational revenue
  • Accessing data insights through powerful and user friendly analytic tools

Best in Class Infrastructure

As per the XHUMA product itself, the platform is backed by a best-in-class data center and computer infrastructure, providing a redundant cloud setting supported by highly-skilled technology professionals. All XHUMA products provide our customers with a high degree of reliability, protection and scalability.

  • 99.7 percent uptime facility guarantee
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Full suite of enterprise security tools
  • Regular vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Fully redundant cloud platform
  • Enterprise-class hardware



Online Listing of Professionals

XHUMA automatically provides an online interactive searchable forum where the public may view your list of registered professionals / persons captured in your database. The information available on this forum is limited to those items which you determine are safe for public disclosure. However persons with a platform login such as Council/Association members or administrators, may have access to more details


Online Profiles

  • All bona-fide member accounts are provided with individualized professional profile sites inclusive of demographic information, certifications, employment history and contact info, payment histories, and other information categories depending on the specific XHUMA application. These profiles are comprehensive and can also be used as personal professional / resume websites.


Generation of Member Reports

  • XHUMA features multiple reporting tools which combines profile, payment, event and other types of information contained on the platform to deliver data insights, and useful views of platform activity which add significant value – both to the umbrella organization, but also to each of its bona-fide members and stakeholders on the platform.


Data Analytics

  • XHUMA comes with a number of reporting tools as well as dashboard analytics which visually represent your real-time data.
  • XHUMA provides access to numerous dashboard reports including revenue by specialisation or fee type, active and inactive members, unverified payments, member location, employment status and judgements, among a host of others.


Flexible Real Time Messaging Tools

  • Efficiently communicate with all of your community members by posting to XHUMA’s Info Stream
  • Members can respond in real time to your post and seek clarifications in this online messaging forum
  • XHUMA also features an email inbox as well as various instant messaging type options for more one-on-one or one-to-small-group private communication


Online Payment Records

  • Registered professionals may upload their transaction records directly to XHUMA’s payment module
  • The Council/Association can easily access these transaction records online
  • XHUMA will eventually facilitate online payments using a credit card


Opportunity Management

  • XHUMA allows Business or Professional Associations (re)publish vetted opportunities to their entire member community or selected groups / individuals
  • Persons receiving the opportunities (for consulting work, business contracts, or professional development) can message the issuer instantly or can upload response documents as may be required in a call for proposals
  • Further, depending on whether you allow, the XHUMA engine has the potential to afford users access to streams of business opportunity from entities in the extended Xhuma network. These may include large companies, embassies and Government agencies. Put your entire member network on Xhuma. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!


Event Management

  • Create new events and publish to your member base
  • Upload event flyers for member access
  • Keep track of RSVPs


Get Started Easily!

  • Getting started is simple using XHUMA’s Bulk Registration function
  • Simultaneously generate profiles for all of your registered members using the information already contained in your off-line member database! You then have the option for XHUMA to automatically e-mail all stakeholders on your database notifying them that accounts have been pre-created for them on the platform ready for use!


Institutions and organisations are using XHUMA’s digital solutions and data management tools in innovative ways to drive operational effciencies, leverage existing resources and grow strong communities. Some organisations who have benefitted from XHUMA solutions are listed here:

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The CPRMTT is pleased with the collaborative process of the XHUMA team, and we have no hesitation in recommending them in the are of requirements analysis solution design, software development and customisations.

Vernessa Cuffy

Council Member

Council of Professions Related to Medicine, Trinidad and Tobago