About XHUMA Healthcare

XHUMA Healthcare Limited was incorporated in May 2019 for the purpose of providing digital solutions that have the potential to improve the quality of healthcare and to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to more people. The Company is on a mission to digitize healthcare data and services in the Developing world.

Digital health methods provide opportunities to make healthcare more efficient, better coordinated, and closer to home. Accessing these benefits particularly in emerging markets however, means the digitizing of data on certified healthcare providers, digitizing practice management services as well as patient medical records.

It also means the introduction of digital Insurtech platforms to ensure that providers can be paid through existing health insurance relationships, even as new, more efficient procedures emerge.

In an age of coronavirus and other significant public health threats, virtual-health methods are in increasing importance.  Healthcare is about to become more secure, virtual, responsive, and readily accessible. Very soon Healthcare and Digital Health will be synonymous.

XHUMA’s digital health solutions are poised to deliver on this future.

Our Mission

To digitize health care services in the developing world by providing innovative solutions which enables ‘on demand’ interaction between healthcare providers and patients.

Our Vision

To provide high quality technological innovation that enables everyone to have easy access to personalized, superior healthcare.

Core Values

  • Innovative Spirit – innovation is at the heart of everything that we do.
  • Integrity – we act responsibly, always.
  • People Centric – we put people first by valuing, respecting, and recognizing the key roles all stakeholders play in our business.
  • Passion – We are motivated internally to push beyond normal limits to achieve desired results.

Meet the team

At XHUMA, we are a dynamic team of developers united in our passion for delivering digital solutions to improve business performance. Though we are small in numbers, we have a big ambition to improve Healthcare in our region.

Boniface C Mwanza

Senior Front End Developer

Senior front-end developer with 5+ years of experience designing and building responsive web design and mobile apps in several technical industries.

Dominic Mattei

Senior Technology Engineer

Dominic Mattei is our Lead Developer. He works in collaboration with other XHUMA team resources to innovate, secure and maintain the many XHUMA Healthcare platforms.

Tamara Caesar

Digital and Customer Support Lead

Tamara Caesar holds the position of Application Support Associate; in her role, she works with key stakeholders, satisfying their objectives and priorities.

Kelly-Ann Phillips

Director, Customer Experience

Kelly-Ann Phillips is our Head Business Development. A Master’s graduate of Manchester University (UK) she has significant Regional experience with major local and Regional clients, facilitating the successful implementation of our most complex projects.

Atiba Phillips

Chairman and CEO

Atiba Phillips is our CEO. He is a senior ICT strategist with 20+ years’ experience and has worked for clients such as the UNDP, EU, UNECLAC, CTA, IDB, OECS, CARICOM. He has also pioneered the digital transformation of several local healthcare institutions.

James Antoine

Director, Technology and Infrastructure

James Antoine is our Head of Technology. James is internationally certified and has wide experience delivering on several multi-domestic projects and consultancies throughout the Region.

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