Provider Directory

What is XHUMA Provider Directory?


A Website where patients can find Healthcare Providers near them

The XHUMA Provider Directory is specifically designed for general and specialist medical practices, that are searching for relevant digital patient engagement options. It is a dedicated healthcare provider directory.

It is the perfect solution for healthcare practitioners taking their first steps into digital, or for doctors / clinics that already have an online presence, but desire a reliable on-line channel to advertise their services and facilitate on-line patient booking requests.

XHUMA Provider Directory is a website where patients can search and select healthcare practitioners based on variables such as location, medical field, specialty and clinic hours. Patients can request appointments online for virtual or in person visits with the provider of their choice.

How providers use XHUMA Provider Directory


Engaging and professional web presence

Providers that sign up get a full-page dedicated and professionally designed Provider profile with google maps integration. They can also access the robust appointment functionality that comes with XHUMA. This enables patients to search for your professional or clinic profile. You can also link to your professional profile on your social media accounts, email signature or even your business cards.


Reach new patients

The XHUMA Provider Directory helps practitioners reach more patients, for in person or telehealth appointments.


Appointments synced with your availability

Take more control of your clinic’s work schedule. Set your online appointment booking feature to reflect your actual work schedule. Accept your appointments using our ‘one-click’ appointment confirmation email tools. No logins are required. Patients will receive appointment and appointment reschedule reminders.

See Patients Anywhere

Use our Telehealth feature to increase new patient bookings . Video visits allows you to see patients anywhere they are located. Patients can also find your practice easily with our new Google maps integration tool.


Mobile Friendly

XHUMA Provider Directory can be viewed from any internet-connected device including mobile and tablet devices.

Keep in touch with Patients beyond the visit

Improve your credibility, grow your patient base and improve the overall patient experience with XHUMA secure internal messaging.

Safe and Secure

Practitioner profile information can only be edited by you. Patient appointments made online can only be viewed by the subscription holder only. The XHUMA Provider Directory is backed up by the latest website security, failsafe methods and medical information standards.

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