XHUMA Provider Directory FAQ

What is the XHUMA Provider Directory?

XHUMA Provider Directory is an online listing of participating healthcare providers and clinics. It offers you, the patient, a one-stop online directory for general medical practitioners, specialists, dentists, physiotherapists, psychologists, and technicians. To find the Provider Directory type Simply type https://providerdirectory.xhuma.co in your web browser.

How can I get my discount code ?

Contact your participating healthcare association for more details. If you are not a member of a participating healthcare association contact our sales team at xhumamarketing@ict.co.tt or call 701-5499 or 478-0106 for information on all current sales promotions.

How do I enter my discount code?

Your discount code is entered on our websites product shopping cart here:https://healthcare.xhuma.co/choose-product

– Choose the product you are interested in purchasing:


– Then, enter the discount code in the “Customize your own package” window.


– Click the checkbox to activate the discount code.


– Proceed to checkout.

What’s special about the XHUMA Provider Directory?

The XHUMA Provider Directory is a straightforward, healthcare-only provider directory. The XHUMA provider profiles allow you to:

  • Comprehensive search – Search on individual or combined criteria such as provider name, location, clinic name, provider specialty, clinic specialty, and type of healthcare service.
  • View the professional profile of a healthcare provider including their specialty, healthcare services, work experience, associations, and photographs.
  • Share the professional profile of a healthcare provider with friends and family – Video 1: Provider Directory VideoCreate and share the link to your favorite healthcare practitioner’s Provider Directory profile with friends and family.
  • View estimated treatment times of healthcare services offered by the provider. These estimates are created by the provider and are unique to each clinic.
  • Request Appointments – Patients can request appointments through a quick, three-step process with the provider of their choice.
  • Get access to clinic-specific pre-appointment forms –
    Make appointment consultations with providers more efficient by filling and sending in pre-appointment medical information prior to your appointment.

What does XHUMA Provider Directory do?

XHUMA Provider Directoryprovides an attractive, easy-to-use website that allows patients to:

  • Find healthcare providers in different fields.
  • Compare Healthcare providers that suit your needs.
  • Book and Confirm Appointments online.
  • Create your own secure patient portal account, which allows you to access your:

    • Previous and upcoming appointments.
    • Your electronic medical records.
    • Medical bills and receipts.
  • Get directions to a clinic.
  • Receive Automatic Reminders before visits.

Is my appointment request confidential?

The XHUMA Provider Directory connects you directly to the provider or clinic. Your personal information is protected by the highest electronic medical record handling standards.

The security of your personal information is very important to us. We use industry-grade security measures and encryption to secure client data. We have redundant ISO-certified services in different geographies to ensure that your data is safe.

Can I get back my medical record if I want to see another doctor?

Your electronic medical record is your own record and can be accessed through the patient portal. To access the patient portal visit https://cmpremium.xhuma.co and enter your username and password securely delivered to your email. Your medical record remains secure, to be accessed only by yourself, and your doctor(s). If you choose you can download your own medical record, print or save it to your computer.

Can I cancel an online appointment?

Yes, you can accept or cancel an appointment using our ‘one-click’ email confirmation buttons. No need to log in to the patient portal to accept or cancel your appointment.

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