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XHUMA HEALTHBOARDS is a platform developed and designed specifically for Medical Boards & Councils in the Caribbean Region. As a region, we lag behind the global move towards more systemic and data driven healthcare practice and our platform helps us catch up and keep pace with the rest of the world.

XHUMA Healthboards helps solve some of the challenges we are currently facing such as Manpower Planning, Data Maintenance and Membership Management. Beyond that XHUMA Healthboards also offers the Boards & Councils and its members opportunities to network, share opportunities and establish valuable business relationships.

Our solution is completely digital which allows Boards to continue its operations virtually, which in today’s world is becoming increasingly important. Our Healthboards solution also works seamlessly with our Clinic Management and Insurance solutions, which makes XHUMA the ideal one stop platform for the Board and its members.

XHUMA CM is a robust digital solution and offers a wide range of benefits to each Healthcare stakeholder:

Healthcare professionals: our platform removes scheduling conflicts, gives better access to patient data and provides more options to offer Healthcare services to patients such as TeleHealth.

Administrators: Scheduling appointments, managing patient data, coordinating between different practitioners and other operational tasks are much more efficient on our user friendly platform.

Clinic Owners/ Managers: XHUMA CM can help reduce administrative costs and our solution is flexible so that it gives owners much more operational data to help critically analyze business performance.

Patients: XHUMA CM gives patients greater access to Healthcare services and allows them to manage their Healthcare records. Patients can share records with their providers, to ensure they receive the best Health care possible.

Healthboards Features


Member Management

XHUMA facilitates a listing of healthcare professionals, creation of their profiles, application information and membership status. The listing of members is interactive, so it is searchable by name, location, specialization or any other criteria.

Online Registry

XHUMA allows public access to an online list of your registered members, and whether they are in good standing. XHUMA brings your listing to life by causing it to be searchable and interactive so that the users can filter by name, location, specialisation or any other criteria that you enable.


Easily access Registrant Information

XHUMA allows membership organisations to review details of listed registrants, such as application information and other relevant membership documents.


Online Payment Tracking

XHUMA includes online payment and revenue tracking modules which enable Patients, Health Practitioners and other stakeholders to pay fees-on-line. It also comes with a suite of analytic tools to determine revenue by service or fee type, etc.


Analytics & Visualization

XHUMA provides numerous real-time dashboard reports and visual mapping tools to customize analysis and deliver greater data insights – all leading to better overall stakeholder satisfaction. Data can be easily exported into excel or pdf for further analysis.


Case Management

In the unfortunate circumstance where an issue is raised against a member, XHUMA provides the ability to track its progress and log any external legal advice as necessary. The evaluation committee can then collaborate and the involved parties can monitor the case towards completion.


Renewal of Registration

Each year a notification is automatically delivered on the dashboard before the renewal date where users can renew their membership.


File Management and Cloud Storage

XHUMA allows users to upload digital documents to the platform. Files can be shared within the InfoStream, group chats, InMail attachments, events, etc., or directly through the “Shared Files” module. Each account is allocated a quota of online storage which can be increased on a subscription basis.


Messaging & Collaboration

Members can communicate with each other in several ways. Messages can be sent to Departments, individuals or specific groups by email or chat.



Create new events and publish them to your member base and the general public. Share them on various social media platforms with the click of a button, keep track of attendees and include flyers that members can download.



huma’s Opportunities module allows you to communicate with your registered healthcare providers and other connected entities via formatted opportunity notifications.



Groups are a great way to classify your members with similar interests. Members who are part of a group are able to work as a team and collaborate with each other through email, instant messaging and social sharing.

Organizational Website

XHUMA offers the development of a public website for organizations that may be without. XHUMA comes with savvy content management (CMS) technology which allows users to update and manage their site without the need for IT intervention. This website can be the hosting site for XHUMA, where members can visit your website and login directly to XHUMA.


Mobile Enabled

Access the full functionality of the XHUMA Platform from anywhere in the world on your mobile device.


Virtual Conferences

In today’s changing world, as we face the changing dynamic after the Corona Virus, conducting virtual meetings will form part of our new reality. With the XHUMA platform you can conduct your business meetings virtually using our teleconferencing and videoconferencing features.

In XHUMA, you can conduct Board Meetings or meetings with individual members while sharing and reviewing other content within XHUMA. All your video connections are safe and secure, just like your data when using the XHUMA platform.

With the XHUMA platform you can conduct your business meetings virtually using our teleconferencing and videoconferencing features.



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